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Speedometer 1.1

iOS Application by Jan Benes

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This app is for getting quick information about actual user's speed.

It is made as easy and as valuable as possible. When you just need to know your speed, run this app and you have your information in just a few seconds. No additional bothering informations or unusable features..

That's why this app should be on everyone's device because You never know, when You will need it.. (But we quarantee, that it could be soon and it is always good to be prepared)

There are two separate versions of this app. One is Free and the other is FULL.

The free version does not keep the screen active after inactivity interval, so when you use it for example during driving in car you have to tap the screen from time to time to keep it active.

To have the screen active for all the time app is active, you have to buy full version from appstore

FULL version has no limitations of free version of course.
And in addition, it is able to show speed in MPH too.

The app can be found on AppStore under this link.

Screenshot of Speedometer app Screenshot of Speedometer app Screenshot of Speedometer app
created by: Jan Benes, 2015