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BenyBear is an awesome company founded by two fellas in order to make lot of money out of cheap crap sold to rich idiots for filthy prices...

Short info about founders:

Jan Beneš

Deals with electronics and programming stuff related to our products

Something real we have made so far:
iOS apps made by Jan Beneš
SailTrack - live track and share boat position, iOS app

Vaclav Nedved

Solid works with materials.

We belive, that this attitude will lead to cardinal success and it will not take long and we become rich too..

So far we had two ideas - selling cheap tube amps and as an accessory manufacture wooden headphones, which will be marked as super eco green must-have gear for every nature loving jerk (who probably own at least one Toyota Prius)..

created by: Jan Benes, 2015